“I highly endorse Zohra Sarwari’s presentation “No, I’m Not a Terrorist”, which Zohra presented on our campus in February of 2017. Zohra presented to a packed house with energy, integrity, and humility, as she connected with our students in a powerful way. At the conclusion of her talk, at least 30 students lined up to speak with her, and she patiently spoke with each student to answer their questions. Students told me how much they benefited from her talk, and how much they learned as a result of her presentation. Zohra is an incredible person to get to know. She’s extremely flexible and easy to work with, her main goal is to promote understanding and acceptance, something we need more of in our world today.”

Ron Buchholz, Director
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Career & Leadership Development – “Helping Students Achieve Their Dreams”

“The program “NO I Am Not A Terrorist was excellent! Lots of positive feedback from those in attendance.”

Jamie Eubanks
Barton College, NC

“I wanted to let you know the Zohra was absolutely incredible this evening! The crowd left very happy and learned so much. Thank you for working with us to bring Zohra to Clarion! It was such a pleasure working with you. I’m very happy we were able to have this presentation!  Thanks so much!”

Sarah Zerfoss
Clarion University of Pennsylvania, PA

“Zohra was amazing.  I personally felt a real connection to her, like we should be friends.  It went really well. I was a little nervous that there would be a few weirdos in the crowd but it turned out that everyone really just wanted to learn. It was a lot of community folks but also a lot of students.  So happy I did it.”

Shelley K. Bannish
Centralia College, WA

“Zohra is an amazing person with whom it is very easy to work.  I enjoyed the conversations she and I had both before and after her presentation.  Her son was also a pleasure throughout the evening. I received nothing but positive verbal feedback.”

Sandra Wohlleber
SUNY Cortland, NY
Associate Director, Campus Activities and Greek Affairs
Chair, Campus Artist and Lecture Series

“The program went  great! I loved Zohra’s presentation and we had a lot of students attend. I enjoyed speaking with Zohra she was great to work with the day of. Thanks.”

Emmalee Chamberlain
Pierce College, WA

“The event went great and was well received and attended!  Thank You!”

Gina Jones
Calif State, San Marcos

“Zohra’s program was wonderful; I am really grateful she was able to visit our campus.  The students seemed to enjoy her as well. “

Jennifer Edwards
Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs
Waldorf University, Iowa

“I think that Zohra Sarwari did a phenomenal job during her lecture at UAB. The audience was very engaged, and her lecture was very informative and enlightening. Zohra was great to work with and engaging during conversation. Her pleasant demeanor was an added bonus. Overall, it was an awesome experience!!”

Jessica C. Nathan, M.Ed. |Coordinator of Student Activities
Office of Student Involvement & Leadership
UAB | The University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Zohra’s presentation was a real world look at diversity in our country. I saw several students (and staff) nodding their heads and discussing things in smaller groups. Many students I talked with after the presentation talked about how they see things differently now than before and how it’s given them a lot to think about moving forward.”

Seth Vander Tuig
Associate Director, Student Life
Kirkwood Community College

“Zohra Sarwari spoke at Drake University on Thursday, March 24th, 2011. Our students have

“We invited Zohra Sarwari to be the featured speaker at our Annual Sisterhood Dinner. Five minutes after we filled out her online interest form, we received a call from Zohra. She is one of the most humble, sweetest, and funniest people you’ll ever meet. After a few minutes going over the program, she was eager to custom make a speech to match what we were looking for. On the day of she and her family arrived, she brought her own equipment and delivered an amazing speech. If you are looking for a great speaker, malleable to your budget, guaranteed to leave on impression on your audience – I highly recommend Zohra Sarwari without any hesitation. P.S. Make sure you take notes during her speech!”

Jason Khurdan
Graduate Coordinator for Student Development
Rutgers University, Newark

“Dear Ms. Sarwari: It was a pleasure to have you on our campus to speak on March 2, 2011. Your talk entitles “NO! I AM NOT A TERRORIST!” was very informative and eye-opening. I know that I learned a great deal and the feedback from the students, faculty, and staff members that attended indicated the same. You have a true passion for what you do and that can be seen in the enthusiasm with which you speak. You challenge the way people think without being disrespectful of their beliefs. Many of our students were apprehensive about coming to your talk because they were unfamiliar with Muslims and your use of humor really set them at ease. I believe they were able to be open-minded because of your demeanor and ability to set people at ease. As a student life professional I really enjoyed working with you from day one. You made the entire booking process very easy. I also appreciate how prompt you were at answering emails. It was a pleasure meeting you and your family. I wish you much success in the future.”

Stacie M. Rowley
Coordinator of Student Life
Gainesville State College

“Your presentation was interesting, informative, educational, fun, thought provoking, and one that students as well as members of the general public really enjoyed. I received many positive comments from those in attendance. They did not know what to expect but your presentation really opened their eyes to a culture they know little about and hopefully this experience will help them in future discussions with others. For many there, this was all new information for them as many students have never been exposed to the information in your presentation. Thanks for being so easy to work with and so wonderful with my students!”

Boyd Jones
Campus Programs Director
Winthrop University

“Zohra Sarwari was very ENGAGING and successfully CAPTIVATED her audience.  She was able to present visuals and demonstrated knowledge of her materials.  At the end, she was encircled by students who wanted to talk to her and to purchase her books.”

Catherine Rue
Student Life Administrator
Northampton Community College

“It was an HONOR to host Zohra Sarwari at our Lecture Series Program, “NO! I AM NOT A TERRORIST!”  Zohra communicated effectively to our students that stereotypical thoughts and media buzz words should be examined closely.  Our attendance was outstanding and student feedback was positive.  The faculty and staff also enjoyed her expressive storytelling and charm.  I am so glad that Zohra visited our College.  I feel CONFIDENT in RECOMMENDING her to other Community Colleges that seek to bring diversity to their campus and broaden student exposure to critical thinking.”

Jane Bowman
Student Activity Coordinator/Admissions Representative
Wilkes Community College

“I thought Zohra Sarwari was VERY GOOD.  She made arguments and gave examples that were clear, impressive, and easy to understand She was smooth and engaging.  There was a good turnout and a lot of interaction with the audience.  When disagreements occurred, they were respectfully expressed.  Overall, I thought she was a very appropriate speaker for our audience, and I thought it was a successful event.  Several of my students were there, and I am looking forward to what they write about her and the event.”

Professor of World Geography
Northampton Community College

“Zohra Sarwari’s passion about this topic is amazing; she moves the room with her charisma, and humor. Her topic is a sensitive one, but she brings light and ease to it. She will give your audience an experience they will remember forever!”

James Malinchak
“Two-Time College Speaker of the Year”,
Co-Author Chicken Soup for the College Soul
Star on the hit TV Show,Secret Millionaire

“Zohra is one of the most relevant speakers I have ever heard. She takes a very serious topic and makes it easy to understand. The information Zohra provides is very timely and purposeful. I am sure your audience will appreciate her approach and effective delivery. Thanks for shedding some light on my world as well.”

Stan Pearson II, MBA
Author – Speaker – Radio Personality

“Zohra moved the audience with her dynamic, informative presentation, giving us all a perspective that serves to make us better people”

Diane Ingram, ACC Speaker, Author, Coach

“Zohra Sarwari has a great skill for making you want to achieve on a higher level. Your students
will enjoy learning from her!”

Jonathan Sprinkles
Former APCA national college speaker of the year

“After hearing Zohra Sarwari’s speech, I was profoundly moved by her enthusiasm to further educate me about Islam, and terrorism. Her knowledge instilled a greater understanding and appreciation in me.”

Debbie Burke
High School Teacher
Indianapolis, Indiana

“This interview had a great balance of information and passion for that information. Despite the indignities(to put it mildly) that Zohra has experienced, she came through positive and upbeat. May I be so lucky that all my interviews are like this.”

Tom Berryman
Voices of the Tri-States, KDTH
Voted the number One public affairs program two years running by the Iowa Broadcast News Association.

“Recently we interviewed Zohra Sarwari for my radio show “Nashional Radio” in regards to terrorist activity abroad.  Zohra was fantastic…very candid, knowledgeable, and able to convey her thoughts on Islam in an interesting way.  We will definitely invite Ms. Sarwari to be on the show again.”

Preston Nash
Host, Nahional Radio
1560 KNZR

“You were great!”

Pat Benjamin
The Independent Voice,
WNJC 1360

“Zohra Sarwari is an exceptional campus speaker. She brought realism, compassion, and a bit of humor to a subject that many Americans know little about, aside from what they’ve been told by the mainstream media. We received nothing but positive feedback about Zohra’s speech, from both students and community members. Thank you, Zohra, for sharing the gift of knowledge with our campus.”

Faith Barnes
Student Activities,
Owens Community College