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Muslim Woman Speaker
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“Zohra Sarwari has a great skill for making you want to achieve on a higher level.
Your students will enjoy learning from her!”

Jonathan Sprinkles
Former APCA National College
Speaker of the Year

The Ideal Speaker for Any Event!

• Women’s events

• Cultural Events

• Commencements

• Leadership Programs

• Lectures (Anytime of the Year)

• Career Programs

• Multi-Cultural Diversity Events

• Orientation and Welcome Week

• Conference Keynotes

Programs that Zohra Offers

No! I am not a Terrorist!

Are all Muslims Terrorists? What does Islam say about ‘terrorism’? What is behind the veil? This program has amazing stories that will make everyone emotional; it will also inspire change in each person as they go through the experience that I give them. I guarantee your students will be educated around the globe, in this one session.

Are Muslim Women Oppressed

Are women in Islam oppressed? What is the scarf (hijaab) for? What does the Qur’aan say about women? This program has great stories, and wisdom of truth, removing any myths about Muslim women and their roles in life.

9 Steps To Achieve Your Destiny

What makes some people achieve greatness while others stagger through life? What makes some students a success while other students struggle to find a job? This program will help students discover ‘9 Steps’ that will help them achieve their destiny; it is these ‘9 Steps’ that have transformed many lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Your students will be inspired and motivated to achieve their destiny, and become the change that they
‘Envision In This World’.

Imagine That Today is Your Last Day

If you knew that today was your last day to live how you would you behave? If you knew that there was no more time left, what would your last words be? If you knew that nothing would be going with you to the grave, what would change? This program is designed to inspire all the students to think about their last day alive. What would they picture it as, and how would they be? The experience from this talk is priceless, for it will motivate,
inspire and help change the visions of their lives to something extraordinary.


Dear Student Representative,

In just 45 – 90 minutes I will change the way your students think about Muslims and other races. Let me help your students by presenting a ‘Diversity’ session that they have never experienced before. I can tell you that you have not seen a dynamic, motivational, female, Muslim, American speaker talk about this sensitive topic.

I am committed to helping you organize a dynamic program for your campus.


“After hearing Zohra Sarwari’s speech, I was profoundly moved by her enthusiasm to further educate me on the way the Muslim’s are. Her knowledge instilled a greater
understanding and appreciation in me.”

Debbie Burke
High School Teacher
Indianapolis, Indiana

“Truly I never thought it would be possible that my son could be so inspired!
It’s like he’s a whole new person!!”

Fishers, Indiana

“Areeba is more confident now; she has a more positive attitude; she is more knowledgeable and her perspective on life has changed. She has more will power and she doesn’t criticize people. I feel it has impacted her greatly.”

Sacramento, California

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